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Shining Bright Through an Innovative Philosophy
The light reflecting from the diamond is one of the most fascinating, intriguing and important phenomena on earth.

Diamonds are the matter that connects the universe’s all-encompassing light to our inner light, with ethereal energy to our souls. Both mankind and diamonds are objects of light and carbon. When a person dons a diamond, he takes it upon himself to behold and enhance the inner light within himself. Our research and efforts are dedicated to the understanding of diamond light scientific effects on our body and society.

Cosmic Vitality

We are on a scientific voyage to explore and understand the purpose of diamonds, their reason for existence in nature. The power they possess, versatility and influence over our human body. People spread light and we are all a part of a cosmic human network of illumination.

Illuminating Humanity

The more humankind embraces the light of diamonds, the stronger the human network intertwines across the world. The connection results in this novel interpersonal connection, focusing on the dimension of light as a catalyst for internal and external change. This unique force has the potential to cross boundaries and countries and creates a new universal identity.

Pioneering Diamond Light Research

To appreciate a diamond’s true beauty and visual value, let’s first understand its Light Performance

Our diamond grading research laboratory focuses on diamond light classification and performance in a way yet to be addressed by the existing global labs and markets. Our scientific methodology is unique and bound to create a new aray of diamond grading observations.

Very High
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Sparkling Up Business Opportunities

Innovative, Dynamic, Voltaic straight Out of the box

Scouring the world, we have committed to finding new and alternative companies that are working in tandem to spread the light of diamonds in new and intriguing ways. At InLight we take pride in sharing this different companies, their take on diamonds light, presence and vision.

at the spread
of light

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Diamond Distribution Eco-System
In view of the many challenges facing businesses in the diamond industry, InLight is proud to have developed a unique tech- based B2B2C trading arena and ecosystem, in strategic cooperation with leading companies in the diamond industry. Empowered by a Dynamic Revenue Share and Shared Wallet philosophy, this innovative system strives to bridge today’s ever-growing marketing obstacles, encountered by both B2B and B2C companies, by creating an unconventional distribution and sales marketing system. Or simply put- fostering global mutual success growth through greater communal transparency, collaboration and synchronization between global B2B and B2C businesses

Aura Enhancers

Philosopher, Entrepreneur, Author of several visionary insights into the future. Ronen is a pioneer in the diamond industry and one that is eager to transform the way we perceive diamonds. “I will not let go, until people will realize, understand and experience the true importance of diamond’s light over their wellbeing. Humanity is about to complete its first cycle of existence, It is diamonds and the decoding of “the ‘Light Genome’, that will enable us to further transition into the new voyage of light through the journey of life that awaits us all.”
Ronen Priewer
Founder & CEO